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What Marketcapper Does

Marketcapper provides sports betting picks, derived from probabilistic modeling and technical analysis of the NHL, NBA, and MLB betting markets.


Our affordable prices make it far easier for you to profit.  Most services in the industry want to stick you with high upfront costs, so it doesn't matter to them if you become a long-term client.  We want you as a long-term client, so we keep upfront costs low.


With easy to understand, play-by-play, e-mail releases, Marketcapper will turn you into a long-term winner and provide substantial passive income, whether you enjoy watching sports or not.


Long-Term Profits


  • Over 178 all-time units accrued

  • Over $89k banked by $500/unit clients

  • Verified by third-party tracker Cappertek, as well as detailed in-house records

  • Play-by-play Twitter documentation

  • Everything released at widely-available prices

  • Every play recorded as 1.00 unit; that means no misleading unit inflation


Release Price Guidelines

All quoted release prices must be available at, a minimum of, 3 out of 5 major offshore sportsbooks at the time of release.  Those sportsbooks being: 5Dimes, BetOnline, Bookmaker, Heritage, and Pinnacle.  The majority of quoted prices will be available at four or five of the sportsbooks at the time of release.


Marketcapper documents every official release on Twitter at game time, plus we release every pick for free on Fridays.  Follow @marketcapper on twitter and trigger the alerts, so you don't miss out.

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Start Winning Today

We believe in affordable prices; because steam is inevitable, no matter how much you charge.  Subscription plans are structured so that even recreational bettors can be profitable after accounting for fees.

One-Time Payments

Subscriptions (Save 20%)


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by email, live chat (bottom left), or Twitter (@marketcapper).

Las Vegas, NV