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Marketcapper provides sports betting picks, derived from a proprietary combination of advanced probabilistic modeling and technical analysis of the NHL and PGA betting markets.


Our affordable prices make it far easier for you to profit, as opposed to other services.  Most services in the industry want to stick you with high up-front costs, so it doesn't matter to them if you become a long-term client or profit at all.  We want to earn our keep, so our up-front cost remains low.

With easy to understand, play-by-play e-mail releases, Marketcapper will turn you into a long-term winner and provide substantial passive income; whether you enjoy following sports or not.


Third-Party Verified

We believe that offering impartial, third-party verified records to the public is crucial.  Verified records should be the industry standard, but, sadly, they are not.  Regardless, we will remain ahead of the curve in terms of service value and transparency standards.


Staring with the 2020-21 seasons, we will verify our NHL picks via the BetStamp app.  Here is a link to the Marketcapper BetStamp profile.


Our PGA tour records will be kept in-house, as we are unaware of a tracking service that offers a full menu of  PGA bets for tracking purposes.


We believe in affordable prices; because steam is inevitable, no matter how much you charge.  Our plans are structured to make even the most recreational of bettors profitable after accounting for fees.

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