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Complete All-Time Results


  • Over 178 all-time units accrued

  • Over $89k banked by $500/unit clients

  • Verified by third-party tracker Cappertek, as well as detailed in-house records

  • Play-by-play Twitter documentation

  • Everything released at widely-available prices

  • Every play recorded as 1.00 unit; that means no misleading unit inflation

Release Price Availability Guidelines:

All quoted release prices must be available at, a minimum of, 3 out of 5 major offshore sportsbooks at the time of release.  Those sportsbooks being: 5Dimes, BetOnline, Bookmaker, Heritage, and Pinnacle.  The majority of quoted prices will be available at four or five of the sportsbooks at the time of release.

All-Time Results by Sport

As you can see, Marketcapper has a firm grasp of 3 major North American sports.  These aren't your props, or halftime betting markets, or your obscure, low limit, college sports markets.  These markets are highly liquid, making for less line movement at release, as well as higher limits than many markets that many lesser services tend to exploit.

You may notice that MLB is the most profitable sport, but the context is crucial.  MLB is a volume beast, with 162 game seasons, so it should be our highest unit-getter.

On the other hand: the NBA is our most efficient sport, but the volume is much lower than MLB and even the NHL.  NBA volume should improve starting in the 2019-20 season; however, due to some major innovations in how we deal with tanking teams and recent team form.

All-Time NBA
All-Time MLB

The NHL is our sweet middle-ground.  It boasts more efficient results than MLB and has the volume to carry it past NBA.  It also bears mentioning that the NHL model improved a lot in recent years.

All-Time NHL